Friday, May 15, 2015

Peebo & A Pillow

I know, it was rookie mistake. No mother of four has any excuse for what I did. But I did it and I paid dearly: I gave Lauryn her plate, then sat down to read a book while eating my own lunch. Ten minutes later ...

Here she is scooping up more of what she endearingly calls "peebo", which when translated is peanut butter. She could eat her weight in this stuff. And as a bonus it also works fabulously as a moisturizer.

The application process: a delicate procedure, to be sure.

And now, to moisten it.
Yeah, little Ryn got a bath before naptime yesterday.

We have lots of fun playing with the toddler in the house. This is her "angry" face, which she makes because it causes all her people to laugh at her. She only can only hold it for a second or two before she grins at the reaction of her audience. Kaity was so excited to capture the expression on her phone's camera.
Earlier today Lauryn was sitting next to Daisy, fascinated by the sight of the cat drinking water. I explained to her how cats' tongues are rough and that allows them to lap up water. She listened politely to my lecture, blinking her big brown eyes. And in an eventuality I should have foreseen, I later found Lauryn down on all fours, face dipping into Daisy's water bowl. I would have taken a picture, but my laughter startled the little "cat" and she looked up at me, water dripping from her chin, grinning like crazy.

And speaking of messes, Kaity snapped this shot with her phone today, too: Selah said, "I brushed my teeth with pillow!" She was pretending the pillow was her face.Clearly she is her mother's daughter, the silly goose.

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