Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday Evening Post

Saturdays are usually pretty busy days for me. I grocery shop on Fridays so the following day is spent prepping the produce and meats for the week. Jeff is typically working. Other than a few easy chores, it's a free day for the kids, and they play upstairs or outside, or watch cartoons together. This week, Kaity spent the day away from us helping with Operation Christmas Child - going shopping, organizing their purchases and packing boxes. I had been asked by a friend to make a special fruit tray for another friend's baby shower. (It tickles me to imagine someone explaining this to someone else: "Jennifer asked Jeni to make a fruit tray for Jenny's shower." It reminds me of elementary school where I was always known as "Jennie R." At any rate, here it is:

It was really easy and a lot of fun to make! I referred to it as a baby carriage, and Selah amused me by talking about it - "Mommy, you makin' a baby cage?" "Mommy, can I eat the baby head?"

And speaking of Selah ... when I spend a long time in the kitchen, I like to set up the laptop in there so I can listen to Pandora while I work. When the Jimi Hendrix song "The Wind Cries Mary" came on, Selah started playing air guitar. After a moment, she abruptly stopped and ran upstairs to get her toy guitar and then this happened:

While Selah was clearly in the mood to jam, Joe was in a more philosophical mood. He does that every once in a while - just hits me with a really deep question that makes me ponder a bit before I can answer. Saturday he asked two questions: "What's it like to be married?" and a no-brainer: "Does it hurt to give birth?"

And now the obligatory pictures of an adorable baby:

Getting mad during tummy time ... must be time to roll her over!

She looks like she's dancing because she was! Those legs move constantly!

Chillin' in the bouncy seat.

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