Monday, November 18, 2013

All Dressed Up!

Thursday evening I got a text message from my friend Kim: "What sizes are Selah and Lauryn?" Before long, and a few text messages later, I got this one: "I am sooo dangerous in a clothing store! I blame you for having adorable kids that I love to dress! :)" Selah was thrilled when Miss Kim came by later with matching dresses and pajamas for her and Lauryn! Appropriately, the Sunday dresses were in "Miss Kim colors" - black and cream with a touch of red.

Lauryn looks a little skeptical of this whole picture-taking deal!
Selah and Miss Kim in their matching dresses!

Since I missed out on taking pictures of Lauryn on Saturday, when she actually became 4 months old, I decided to get some pics in her beautiful Sunday clothes. Lauryn had other plans! She learned to roll over on Saturday - we all missed seeing her do it for the first time since we were watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation! I looked down at her and was shocked to see her on her tummy when moments before she'd been on her back. Ever since then, she does NOT want to be still when she's on the floor. She kicks those legs up and rolls right over onto her belly. Case in point:

So modest.
I kept trying to get her to be still long enough for me to put the sticker on the front of her dress and snap the picture ... but nothin' doin'! So I slapped the sticker on her hiney and just about gave up.

But then Kaity offered to hold her legs down while I took the picture and we got the shot I had hoped for:

Selah loves giving her little sister sugar! And there go those legs again ...
After we arrived at church Sunday morning, I snapped a picture of all four of our adorable little crumbsnatchers:
Kaity needed a skirt to wear with her new shirt and scarf so I (gulp!) raided my closet and let her borrow this one of mine. It's too small for me and slightly too big for her, but one safety pin later it was perfect! I really can't believe she's already wearing my hand-me-downs.