Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent - Chapter 7, part 3

Nobody is a Secret Agent - Chapter 7, Part 3
By Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire

Previously... "Do you know what's in that door over there?"
"No, I've never really wondered, want to find out?"
"Sure". She pulled out a key and handed it to Jessica. Jessica walked over and put the key in the lock and turned it. The door swung open...

Inside the door were some plastic bags and twist ties, like the ones used to package the ginger bread men in the stand above. In between the two piles of objects was a small roundish object wrapped in heavy brown paper. Jessica gasped, she slowly pulled it out. She pushed back the paper, the surface was glistening red, the missing ruby! Jessica had done it! The girl was curious, 
    "What's that?" Tara asked.
    "A stolen ruby, and I just found it!"
    "A stolen ruby?! Here? How?"
    "That's what I'm wondering", said Jessica. Tiger walked by, and through the glass front of the bakery, saw the scene inside. She rushed in.
    "What's going on?" said Tiger, in a slightly baffled yet inquiring tone.
    "I found it, I found the ruby!"
    "Really?, that's great! You'd better get home before your Mom realizes you're gone!"
    "You're right, bye!" They walked outside.
    "Here, hand me the ruby, I'll return it." Jessica gave her the brown parcel. As it exchanged hands, someone darted forward and grabbed it. Judging by the suddenness of his appearance, he had been waiting outside for her to leave so he could recover his treasure. It had to be the thief. Immediately, they ran after him. It had stopped raining, but it was hard not to slip. He was very fast, they rounded turn after turn but could never get him. Tiger made her go back down the tube to the Agency. With all the action, Jessica could hardy stand to leave, but she did what she was told. As she called Julie to open the tube, she heard the chase get farther ad farther away, finally fading as Jessica jumped in.
    "Where in the world were you?!"
    "I was looking for you!"
    "Don't yell at me, I told you to stay in one spot if you're lost!"
    "Yeah Jessica, Mom said-"
    "Knock it off Kyle!"
    "Calm down you two!" Jessica was trying to find an excuse for being missing. She had just found her Mom and brother in the store after getting back. She figured she would have to withstand her Mom's wrath.
    "I'm sorry Mom, I panicked."
    "Alright, don't let it happen again. Let's just finish up shopping and get home." Whew! Jessica was surprised she was let off so easily. It wouldn't happen again, she had to be more careful.

Chapter Eight Coming soon,
Something Surprising will be revealed about Alice!

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