Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name ...

Our littlest girl has a name at last!

Lauryn has been on our list for a long time - I've wanted an "L" initial because I love the way it sounds and looks and I love to write it in cursive ... we chose the "-yn" spelling because it echoes the spelling of my mom's name and of Kaitlyn's.

Elyse is a popular German name meaning "Pledged to God". It's very similar to another family name, Lois, without being the same name. A bonus is that it is the middle name of two lovely, godly women I know.

McKinney is Jeff's mom's maiden name. We have always liked it and wanted to use it but have been hesitant because it's also our nephew's name. Because Lauryn will have Elyse as her official middle name we wanted to honor Jeff's mom and their Irish heritage by using it here. 

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Catherine said...

I love it, it's so pretty!