Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Joe's Toes

Sunday night at church, our Joe was being chivalrous by opening the door for his mommy. Unfortunately, he was wearing flip-flops instead of chain mail and pulled the door back on his toe. It was fairly traumatic for him! We got it bandaged up, and the consensus of several adults around us who saw it was that he'd probably lose his toenail. It was pretty gross. Anyway, I've kept it bandaged really well, changing it every morning and the process has fascinated Selah. Yesterday morning she wanted to have her toe done, too! "My toe hurts! I want a "baing" (Band-Aid), Mommy!"

If you look *really* closely, you can see a bit of paper tape wrapped around Selah's right big toe.

Today she wanted a Band-Aid for her baby, too.

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