Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have two funny stories for you, both of which happened this morning.

1) I made pancakes for breakfast this morning, and in place of syrup, I served them with Honey-Cinnamon Butter. I served the kids their pancakes already slathered with the stuff, though the cakes were so hot it soaked in quickly. Kaity asked for more and I hesitated, saying, "Well, they're already pretty ..." Mind blank, I paused, giving Kaity the opportunity to pipe up with, "... heavily laden?"

2) I sent Joe upstairs with several packages of diapers to put under Selah's crib. Joking, I piled his arms too full while he laughed and groaned under the weight, "Ugh ... Mommy!" I took some down and he headed off to put them away. Turning back toward the living room, I saw that Selah had taken five diapers from her basket and was clutching them to her chest with both hands and groaning just like Joe had! When she saw me watching she really started hamming it up!

These pictures are totally unrelated, but they're a sweet (literal) snapshot of ideal sibling interaction. I tend not to have the camera handy when they're arguing!

Joe's reading Green Eggs and Ham to her.

Sorry about the quality of this picture - Blogger is apparently having issues.

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