Friday, September 09, 2011

Getting Crafty

I'm a creative person in general. I like to do crafts, and at various times in my life have tried crocheting, decoupage, sewing, scrapbooking, photography, embroidery, cross-stitch, painting, etc. Some have stuck and some haven't. But I don't typically get to do all I'd like to do because so many things have to align to make it possible. Off the top of my head, before I start a craft project the following things need to happen: I have to be in a crafty mood, we have to be able to afford it, I have to have everything I need to DO the project, life has to be somewhat calm, and ideally the baby should be asleep. So you can see why I don't do as many projects as I'd like! That said, I've been working on a few little things lately.

One is a duel project. Similar in nature, but with different purposes. 

The jar on the left is the "Uh-oh!" jar. When the children are misbehaving, being unkind to one another, etc. they'll be directed to get a slip of paper from the that jar. They have to do whatever the slip says, like, "Sweep the kitchen floor", "Clean the high chair", "Hand wash 2 dishes", and so on.

The other jar is for when the kids come to me with "I'm Bored!" Those slips have fun ideas on them, like playing with sidewalk chalk, writing a letter to grandparents, or playing a game on the Wii. The kids can pick out two slips this time, and choose one of the two to do.

The next couple of projects are also somewhat related:

I found a "recipe" for ModPodge, a crafter's best friend, and mixed it up. One part water, one part glue. Easy-peasy.

So I could make this montage of Where The Wild Things Are ...

... so I could turn this old window into a dry erase board!
 I got the window a few years ago from my friend Lisa and have just now decided what to do with it. The top will house the WTWTA collage, and the bottom will either be left blank, or backed with a plain/simple paper to be used as a dry erase board. Markers will fit nicely on the bottom of the window sill! I'll show a finished product picture soon - we still need to get hardware with which to hang it.

I also have a few more ideas floating around in my noggin, thanks in large part to my new obsession with Pinterest!

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