Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fool's Day!

Today I continued what has become an April Fool's Day tradition - I made a "backwards dinner". I knew last year's dinner would be hard to top, but I was determined! I've actually had the "dinner" portion decided on since last year. I added the recipe to my virtual recipe box on Taste of Home's website and have been anxiously awaiting April 1!

This year's choice was Faux Chicken Nuggets. I served them with "honey-mustard sauce" - yogurt, which I combined with cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel sauce, and yellow food coloring. You should have seen the kids' faces! I had the nuggets ready on a cookie sheet and, holding it with an oven mitt, I placed them on their plates with a spatula. Immediately they turned up their noses - they don't like honey-mustard - and Joe noticed that they were cold. Jeff figured it out at that point and told them to try it anyway. Kaity barely dipped her first nugget and cautiously nibbled a corner. A grin spread across her face, then Joe tried his and they looked at each other and started laughing!

They were completely surprised!

"Dessert" was cupcakes - actually mini-calzones.

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annepetitt said...

I must say you sill amaze me. I really need to hang out with you more.. I feel you are a wise women who know how to run her home and honor her husband. I love reading you stuff you are a very talented women and able to do many things well it seems.. THanks for letting us in on a little of your life. you are a very good writer. thanks Anne