Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Quest for Quelf

Tuesday night we had some friends over and we all wanted to play a game, yet were bored with the ones we already have. Jeff and I had been wanting to go ahead and buy a new game, so Hope and I went to "the Wal-Marts" to see what we could find. After some searching we found an interesting game called Quelf and our choice was made! At the checkout, though, the game refused to be "checked out". "Use other barcode" the register demanded. But a search for a different barcode proved to be futile. We offered to go to customer service and the cashier gratefully agreed. Except that customer service had the same problem. "Dan" told us that without a barcode he couldn't ring it up.

"If I know the exact price, could you do it then? I know I saw a tag on the shelf."

"Can you bring me the tag?"

"We'll do anything, Dan."

So, we made the long journey through Walmartown to fetch the tag. When we returned, hours later, I (half-heartedly) joked that for all that work we should get a discount. And Dan agreed. He rewarded our perseverance with a nearly 20% discount.

Here are some pictures of the fun that ensued:
Alan had to keep his head wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy until someone rolled a four.

Jeff had to wear a household item not normally considered jewelry as a necklace.

Hope had to stuff her fingers in her mouth and say, "Quick, someone take a picture of me!"
I had to snort like a pig every time I laughed, which happened A LOT. And which also happened to not be much of a stretch for me.

Anyway, we highly recommend this game! It was surprisingly fun and everyone enjoyed it. You can find Quelf on Amazon, but it was cheaper at "the Wal-Marts", even without the discount.

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Tom/Tabitha said...

ok, that looks like fun.