Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drama Camp

Our city's Downtown Development Authority sponsored a drama camp for kids last week, hosted by our local drama troupe, the Cold Sassy Players. The name comes from the book Cold Sassy Tree that was written by Olive Ann Burns and is based on the town in which we live. Anyway, Kaity had a great time doing it! She missed the first two days, since we were in South Georgia for Papa's funeral, but she jumped right in on Wednesday. Friday night the kids participated in a special performance for all the parents.

The kids broke up into groups and each group performed a little one act skit. Kaity's skit was about a robber who breaks into a slumber party. Kaity was the police officer who catches the crook red-handed.
Officer Kaity (or is that Barney Fife?) catching the robber!

Bringing the crook to justice!

After the show was over, we took the kids to get a slice of pizza at the local pizza joint. All in all, a nice evening. :)

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