Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vacation, Part I (Subtitle: The Part Where We Still Had Energy)

In summary, the trip was wonderful! We enjoyed every moment.

We spent the first couple of days in Virginia with Jeff's brother Joe and his wife, Jennifer. Saturday we spent in Colonial Williamsburg, which we loved. That night Joe and Jenn took us out for yummy barbecue chicken pizza and Ben & Jerry's. (The choice between Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Lemon Sorbet was NOT an easy one, but the chocolate won out.)

The very first thing we saw in Williamsburg was a marching band, so of course we had to stop and watch them!

The town had been infiltrated by the Girl Scouts of America for the day, so everywhere we went there were gaggles of giggling girls. As you can see here, Joe is surrounded and doesn't seem to mind much. He'll appreciate this more in ten years or so, I'm sure.

We had lunch in Williamsburg at Shields Tavern -- we had to, it's my parents' last name! They had The Best Apple Pie Ever. Hands down. Jeff has declared the gauntlet thrown and will not let me rest until I produce one just as good.

The silversmith's shop. Kaity read Johnny Tremain last year, so she really liked this part.

We totally could have used this set-up more than once on the trip! At one point, I made them turn off the travel TVs, put all the books down, and forced Kaity and Joe to each take a pillow. "NO talking. NO moving. Just go to SLEEP." I was not kidding. Within moments, they were fast asleep. I think it set a record.

Stay tuned for more of our vacation ...

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