Thursday, October 29, 2009

New England Vacation, Part 2

We really wanted to spend a lot of time in Washington D.C., but after walking for several hours in Williamsburg the previous day we were pooped! The only thing we really regret not seeing was the Lincoln Memorial. On the plus side, we did get to see a display in an art museum talking about the artist and the design process behind the memorial.

This was the only glimpse we got of The White House. I'm sure the occupants weren't at home, anyway ... probably off on a photo shoot for some fashion magazine.

Library of Congress:

Overlooking the mall toward the Washington Monument. As you can tell, it was a gorgeous day!

We left DC, hoping to make it as far as possible before stopping for the night. We made it to Pennsylvania, near Hershey. Jeff has yet to forgive me for not wanting to take the time to go visit the U.S. capital of chocolate. :) Maybe next time!

And yes, we're fans of The Office, so a drive through Scranton was necessary ... and a picture of the "Penn Paper Building" from the opening credits.

Sorry it's taken so long to update! I have plenty of pictures and no end of stuff to update you on, but it's been crazy. We're moving Saturday and I'm up to my ears in boxes. I'll try to update with another post once more before we're without internet for a few days, but I can't promise anything! :)

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