Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I really do love Christmas -- but I'm a Scrooge about when it starts! I have a problem with Christmas decorations being alongside Halloween decorations in stores ... I have a problem with skipping Thanksgiving as a holiday. I want to celebrate Christmas in December (even though Jesus was probably born in April!). Kidding aside, I want Christmas to be special, and it's just not special and set-apart when it starts in October! Now I am stepping down off of my soapbox.

I put up the advent calendar yesterday! In our house, we use tiny stockings to count down the days. Several years ago, I sewed buttons and beads and ribbons and things onto the fold at the top of infant socks. Each one has pompom or a jingle bell at the toe. I used mini clothes pins to attach them to gold ribbon. I'd show you a picture, but that leads to the next thing I wanted to tell you.

Our computer monitor died yesterday! On Sunday, our college people gave us our Christmas present (yes, I know it was still November then, and therefore before my "start date" for Christmas!) The present was a wireless router for our computer! One of our college people gave us their hand-me-down laptop several months ago, and now that we have wireless, I can use the laptop to get on-line! Otherwise, I would be going through severe withdrawal symptoms right now. :) So, that means that I can't get to anything on our hard drive until we find a replacement monitor. :(

By the way, I'm sure you noticed the new layout -- I thought I'd celebrate the season by decorating the blog, too!


Leah said...

Fun layout! I thought about this one as well, but went for the candy cane stripes instead. Love you!

jeni said...

Thanks! You inspired me!