Tuesday, December 23, 2008

College Christmas Party

Sunday night, we celebrated Christmas with our College and Singles Sunday School class. We played several games, one involving attempting to unwrap a heavily wrapped gift while wearing fuzzy gloves. That one was pretty funny! We exchanged gifts -- Secret Santa -- and ate lots of food, of course! I think the highlight of the evening for all of us was when they gave us our Christmas present. They had been planning it since last year. When Jeff unwrapped the box, I saw what it was and said, "Is that really a Wii in there?!" Yeah, they got together and bought us a Nintendo Wii! The kids were at Mom and Berk's, so I called Kaity on speaker phone to tell her the news. The college people got a kick out of hearing her reaction.

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Leah said...

Wow, your college students must really love y'all! Seriously, what a fun gift! And what a wonderful ministry you have with the college kids. Thanks for modeling a Christ-centered ministry for us. Merry Christmas.