Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Buying the Dentist a New BMW

Okay, maybe my kids are getting too used to having their antics posted on the blog. Well, Katie is anyway! She has a very funny new habit. Whenever she says/does something that makes me laugh, she says, "Katie quote! Is that going on the blog, Mommy?" Mmmmm. And of course, it does! Today's story involves both little children, however.

Saturday we spent the day with Jeff's family in Hart County. His parents have a great place out in the country and Saturday both his brothers and their families were there too. Katie and Joe and their cousin Joel were outside playing, hitting the pecan trees with sticks -- to make the pecans fall down. So, Katie stepped behind Joe, and he whacked her in the face with his stick on the backswing! Now earlier in the day we had been discussing that Katie's right front tooth was just about ready to come out. Knowing our family, can you guess which tooth came flying out of Katie's head? Of course it was not the right front tooth! It was the left one. So I guess now she'll be able to sing, "All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth". The ironic thing about all this is that Joseph has fallen several times in his accident prone life, always managing to hit his right eye or his front teeth. Jeff and I have been joking that Joe, not being content with trying to knock out his own teeth, has started in on Katie's. Oh, and guess which tooth of Joe's is already dead from trauma to it? The left front of course!

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