Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Busy Week

So after the craziness of the Coffee House this past weekend, I really wanted to have a relaxing week. Yeah, right! Monday Joseph had a follow-up appointment about his ear infection. Dr. Johnson gave him the all-clear! I was very glad not to have to discuss the options if Joe's ears had still been infected. Most of you know that Joe tends to leave the intitial consonant off of his words. Hat for cat, hired for tired, etc. His sister is "Datie" and our Heavenly Father is "Dod". (And it's much funnier to hear, "Tell me about Dod!" than 'God'!) Well, I've been doing a bit of homemade speech therapy with him and Dr. Johnson says as long as Joe's showing improvement with it there's no need to see a professional.

After Joe's appointment, we did a little grocery shopping, then school in the afternoon, then church visitation (FAITH) that night. Tuesday was fun because we had Katie's birthday money to spend! She got some craft supplies at Wal-Mart and then went to the $5 Christian book store in the outlets. Katie offered to let Joe get a book, too, from her money. We shopped all over the outlets for a winter coat and ended up going into Athens anyway! Target had some really cute coats and we got Katie one there that was on sale. We had enough left over to get her a couple of sparkly, girly belts and candy for them to share.

Tuesday I ended up making a whirlwind trip to Augusta! My friend Chrissy's grandmother was in Augusta after having broken her arm badly. Chrissy was very worried about her and wanted to go see her, so we went! It wasn't quite as easy as that, but Todd's parents offered to keep their three, and Ken and Cheryl graciously kept Katie and Joe for the night. We left about 8:00 pm Tuesday and got back at 7 on Wednesday. I floored Jeff by being the one to drive the whole way. :) We stayed the night with Mom and Berk, which is always fun. And I ended up getting to spend the day with (Jeff's brother) Joe and his wife Jennifer.

Thursday we all had dental appointments. It was Joe's first visit and he was a trooper. He did great -- I only had to mention Mr. Spoon once and his mouth flew open for the dental hygienist! Katie was a good big sister and went first. She kept saying things like, "See, Joe, it doesn't hurt at all!" "Look, it's the tickly toothbrush!" "You'll get a lollipop!"

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