Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tag, You're It!

Apparently there's a game in the blogging world where someone 'tags' you and then you get to play along. My sister-in-law has tagged me to tell five things about myself that not everyone knows. Not deep dark secrets, just little known facts. It's like truth or dare . . .only you're being dared to tell the truth! Now, the only blogger I know who hasn't been tagged is Leah, so Leah, consider yourself tagged.

1. Jeff and I are serious Harry Potter fans. We are actually going on Friday night to see the fifth movie, The Order of the Phoenix. We've preordered the new book and at midnight we're going to go to Barnes and Noble to get the seventh and final book!

2. Despite the fact that I tease my mom about falling asleep during movies, I do it regularly! When I need a nap in the afternoon, I put in an old fave like A&E's Pride and Prejudice, then stretch out on the couch and fall asleep listening.

3. I have two major goals for the next few years. One is to save up enough money to build on to our house and the second is to save up enough money for us all to be able to go to Germany.

4. I don't have very many secrets -- this is hard! Umm. . .My closet is a disaster area. But my recipe collection is all catalogued by date, publication and page number. I have a spreadsheet in progress that will allow me to cross reference by method of cooking, major ingredient, etc.

5. I like my minivan. Wow, did I just say that?! I really do. I'm very satisfied with it. It was truly an answer to prayer and came along at just the right time. The outside color is pretty (even if I really dislike the blue interior!). I love being able to have space, and the ability to take friends with us when we go places.


Leah said...

Thanks for the tag, Jeni! I will play along after I return from my family reunion, so be on the lookout sometime next week (that will also give me time to think of some really fun 'secrets').

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jeni, it's Kathi Edwards! I snuck over here from Jenn and Joe's blog. How did you like the 7th book? I hope you and Jeff enjoyed it as much as Chris and I did!!!!! We are, however, very sad that it is all over. Take care!!

Laura said...

Hi Jeni! That's funny about HP. Deron and I always get them (J&J, C&K) to tell us everything b/c we haven't read the books!