Monday, July 30, 2007

Skip to My Lou

Back in June, Eric Litwin (Mr. Eric) came to the Jefferson Library again. We have seen him in concert there before and really enjoyed the performance. This time, Katie got to get up 'on stage' with Mr. Eric! He sang "Skip to My Lou" which is on the CD of his that we have, and it's Katie's favorite. He would sing, "Hey, hey. . . " and Katie would come in, ". . . Skip to my Lou!" and then when Mr. Eric said, "Skip to my Lou . . ." Katie would say, as countrified as possible, ". . . My Dar-lin'!" Mr. Eric would feign shock at her calling him "Darlin'" and the kids would all laugh. As you might imagine, Katie really hammed it up!

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Laura said...

How cute! I bet she had a great time!