Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kaitlyn and Joseph

These are portraits that Paul De Jong took of the kids last year. Obviously, the resolution is low on these, but in real life they are crisp and absolutely gorgeous. Paul and his wife Sandy have a website for their business, GardenHouse Photography, and it really showcases Paul's talent much better than I can! Check it out in the links section of our blog.

Katie is wearing my wedding dress, which was Cheryl's (Jeff's mother) when she married in 1969. Her mother, Pauline Linnenkohl McKinney, made it for her. Katie's veil is a rough copy of the veil Cheryl wore, and she is carrying Gerbera daisies, like I did. I got the idea to do this because Paul and Sandy have a beautiful portrait of their daughter Sarah as a little girl wearing Sandy's wedding dress. So, when I first saw the portrait (at nine years old!) I decided that when I had a little girl someday, I'd have her portrait done in my wedding dress. Note: it is a testament to Paul's talent that the kids were really cranky with each other throughout the photo session and he still got great shots!

Also, please be aware that these are copyrighted photographs. I have special permission to post them here, but please don't share them elsewhere!

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