Saturday, November 25, 2006

What Happened to November?

I absolutely cannot believe it is nearly December! Thanksgiving was spent with my side of the family this year and we had a blast. We drove down to meet Mom and Berk in Wrens, where they left their car and made the fateful decision to ride with us! No, we had a nice, uneventful trip to Granny and Papa's in Blackshear. As always, the food was great (yummy fried turkey!) and the company even better. We played games and laughed and stayed up too late talking. We stayed the night with Mom and Berk in Aiken on Thursday night and left there on Friday. Let me tell you about what a lovely hostess my mom is. The children had two bowls of cereal each in addition to popcorn for breakfast. She made coffee for herself and let me have some. Of course, it was not flavored coffee, but plain -- because Jeff likes the plain better. When Jeff came into the kitchen, she said, "Hello, Jeffrey. Would you like some bacon? How about a bacon sandwich? Or a fried egg? How about a fried egg sandwich with bacon? Would you like cheese? Whatever you'd like!" When Jeff agreed to all of the above, my mother said, "Okay, well, Jeni, I'm getting in the shower. You can handle all that for Jeff, can't you?" On the way home we were blessed to be able to have lunch with Jeff's twin brother Joe and his wife Jennifer. Jennifer made a really good Chicken Chili, which we called soup so Katie would eat it. We also had that wonderful pistachio-marshmallow-pineapple, etc. dessert whose name currently escapes me.

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