Friday, November 17, 2006

Katie in Disguise. . . With Glasses!

At Katie's check-up this year, I requested that her eyesight be tested. Considering my eyesight (not great) and Jeff's (deplorable) I figured it was a wise move. I'd also seen little signs that she might be having trouble seeing. They did a preliminary exam at the doctor's office, and then recommended that we take Kaitlyn to an optometrist. When the doctor put up the chart for her to read, she got to the third line and couldn't read it. He was surprised, and turned to look at me like, "Is she serious?" Sure enough, our little girl needed glasses! She got them a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely loves them. They are wire-frame, and rosy pink. She is completely adorable in them. The only problem is that now Joseph keeps asking for glasses! Unfortunately, he'll probably get his wish before long.

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