Monday, February 27, 2017

A Tale of Two Journeys

The weekend after my trip to Florida offered even more stunning weather. Mom called and asked if we wanted to meet them out at Clark's Hill Lake for the day. We eagerly agreed and planned out a picnic lunch. Unfortunately, Jeff ended up having to go into work for the morning, so the kids and I made the trip without him.

The inlet Mom and Berk ended up at in West Dam was right across from the Augusta Sailing Club, which made for some beautiful views as the boats took to the water.

Rali, McKinney, Joe, Selah, Kaity and Lauryn spent their time exploring the area.

One of the stunning views from our picnic table:

Berk grilled up burgers for us. I brought potato salad and mint chocolate brownies. Mom took care of everything else!

"Please don't get your clothes wet, kids, I didn't bring extras!" Riiiight.

This brave little (huge) duck was pretty aggressive in his belief that we should be constantly feeding him tidbits. You can tell by how close he is to me that he had no fear!

Lauryn, on the other hand, had plenty of fear to go around! She buried her feet in the sand and then announced, "Now the duck can't get my feet!"
We ended our trip by meeting up with Jeff's parents at Dairy Queen before going back home.

Meanwhile, Jeff had gotten off of work, and knowing he couldn't make it out to us in time, headed north into the mountains instead! It was too gorgeous of a weekend to waste.

Here's Gandalf, basking in the perfect autumn scenery:

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