Thursday, March 05, 2015

Kaity's Lair

After the carpeted areas upstairs, we made Kaity's room a priority. (The rest of the downstairs has still largely been untouched, other than repairing and stocking bookshelves.) Today, Kaity and I finally got her little bathroom painted. Yesterday I had her clean up the bathroom, remove any accessories, and prep the walls. After I showed her what to do, Kaity handled the spackling and sanding herself. Then I was sidelined by a headache, so we stopped there and actually did the painting today.

Here are the before pictures:
It was a pale yellow, and there's no natural light in the room at all.

It didn't take long at all to paint, but it took some time to dry in between coats. I did the rolling and Kaity handled all the cutting-in. I could get used to that! The rolling is the easy part!

And now for the after shots!

Don't you love how we perfectly color-matched the walls to the blue in the shower curtain? Well, we totally didn't! This is the same paint from our "dalek shelf". My parents bought the paint SEVEN years ago and then decided to go with something different. I've been holding on to this paint forever!

The mirror was Nana Grace's and hung in her breakfast nook. We've had it by our front door for years.

Hey, y'all! Only the one wall is blue, the rest are the same creamy color from my bathroom - Bermuda Sand.

These pictures also show that I have yet to paint the trim. It will be white, but I was tired.

Shower curtain: Tar-jay.
Tiny girl in a nightgown, ready for bed!

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