Thursday, July 24, 2014

Independence Day

I know, I'm way behind in updating! I'm hearing about it constantly from all three of my faithful readers. I'll soon be going without regular internet for the foreseeable future, so I guess I better get this thing caught up!

First of all, our home has been leased! We are moving out this weekend, and the tenants are moving in August 1. Though we've been looking for quite some time, we haven't been able to find a home as of yet. That means we'll be temporarily living with Jeff's parents, bless their hearts. They have no internet, and since we'll be there such a short time, we won't bother with getting it. Hence, the need to update quickly!

SO, way back on the Fourth of July, we spent the weekend at Grandma Fran's condo with Mom and Berk. It was a lovely, hot weekend (much better than last year when I wore a sweater at the fireworks!). I have lots of pictures from our time there, so without further ado ...

This is out on one of the docks at the lake. We found a tiny frog!

Selah flat refused to be in the picture.
Lauryn loves to feel her new teeth!
My little blonde boy. (Don't tell him I called him 'little'.)
She was so exhausted after our long walk.
Daddy and Selah!

Besides Grammie and Bobba, the highlight of a trip to the condo is always the pool!

Stuart brought the boys up to spend a day with us, too.

Jeff and me (& Lauryn) playing cards at the end of the day.

Learning to float!

Bobba and McKinney

My favorite brother, Beef Stu.

Our Gracie, exploring the unknown depths of the 5-foot swimming pool.

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