Monday, April 14, 2014


Lots of pictures again! I just can't help it. :) On Friday Jeff and the kids and I drove over to Charleston for the day. We wanted to hit Patriots Point to see the USS Yorktown, especially, and Fort Sumter. We've heard so much about life in the Navy on an aircraft carrier from Jeff's dad, Ken, and we all enjoyed seeing it firsthand and remembering the stories we've heard.

We took a ferry ride across the harbor to get to Fort Sumter. The kids loved it! Well, Joe was nervous the whole time, but everyone else enjoyed it very much.

It was Charleston Race Week, apparently, so the harbor was filled with sailboats.

It's not obvious, but Lauryn was clutching the railing and doing her Happy Dance.

It was quite chilly out on the water, so Selah and I snuggled up in my sweater.
Fort Sumter!

Predictably, once in the plane, Selah did NOT want to get out.

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