Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Let Me Sum Up

Apparently we were crazy-busy in November because IT'S DECEMBER ALREADY and I have no idea what happened to the last few weeks.Well, I do, it's just that they flew by way too quickly!

Kaity and Jeff and I have been waiting (im)patiently all year for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. And it was worth the wait - we absolutely loved it! I grew up watching The Doctor on PBS with my dad - Tom Baker was my first - and I began watching the reboot with those fond memories on my mind. To celebrate this special episode, I borrowed a snack from the current Doctor: Fish fingers and custard. (Blondies cut into sticks served with homemade maple-vanilla custard.)

Our little girls wore more matching dresses!
Selah LOVES matching Lauryn.

My little turkeys made thankfulness turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving:
We spent the holiday with Jeff's family in the town where he was born and raised. We haven't been to their get-together in several years, so it was nice to renew relationships and see how everyone has changed, not to mention the comforts of what is wonderfully just the same (especially Aunt Jan's Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake!).

Over the long holiday weekend we played lots of Catan, one of our favorite games!
We also got lots of stuff done around the house. In addition to the usual housecleaning, we conquered several projects and repairs and things that have needed to be done. We  managed to fit in a nice date in which we ate Japanese food, drank good coffee and did some Christmas shopping.

Lauryn loves for big sister Kaity to bounce her on her knee.

Playing on the floor! She is really pushing up on those elbows.
This last picture is an odd perspective, but I took it myself while I was holding Lauryn. She was puckering her lips and cooing. It was so funny and adorable that I had to try to capture the moment.

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