Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Sister, Little Sister

Selah absolutely adores her baby sister. She asks me several times a day if she can hold her and she is constantly around her, wanting to have some kind of contact.

You can't tell from a still photograph, but Selah is bouncing and patting Lauryn, and giving her sweet comforting words. "It's okay, darlin'.", "Don't cry, Lauryn. Shh ..." and so forth.

"You want your pacifier?" (We're glad she's moved on from calling it a 'sucker'!)

"Aw, Mommy, she's giving me kisses!"

In a very concerned tone: "Oh, Mommy, the baby's cryin'! You take her now."
And inevitably, as soon as I get Lauryn settled, I hear Selah pipe up, while patting her lap, "Okay, she's not cryin'. I hold her again."

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