Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Saturday Jeff took us all on a drive into the mountains. We drove up farther into North Georgia, then up into North Carolina, about 2-1/2 hours away. Of course, we didn't drive straight there, so we were gone most of the day!

Our handsome boy.

Kaity with her "Just Like Me" doll, Ally Kate

Selah, refusing to look at the camera.

Me and the best lookin' fella in the US of A.

Selah was fascinated by this little "house", a bridge over a little creek.
The bridge was at the little place where we ate lunch, Bella's Junction Cafe. Our food was delicious!

Exact quote from this little mess: "See that cow! That's MY cow! I'mma ride that cow!"

Dry Falls in Highlands, NC.

Walking behind the waterfall!

While we were driving, Joe kept asking Jeff to speed up, and Kaity kept asking him to slow down!

Sisters! Kaity and Joe climbed up the mountain so little sister had to go, too!

Hail the conquering hero!
At one point on the drive, Joe was chatting with Kaity when he paused and said, "I just used unproper grammar!" We all laughed and teased him about that!

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