Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nobody Is A Secret Agent, Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1

Jessica stared out the window of her bedroom into her backyard. A few flowers, (her mom called them weeds) scattered the ground below (her room was upstairs). Jessica saw her pet cat wandering in the woods behind her yard. She turned to face her room again. Her bed was in the corner opposite her desk. Her desk was in the center of the wall in front of her window. Her dresser was next to her closet on another wall. Right now, she was sitting in the swivel chair in front of her desk. Suddenly, her stomach grumbled. 
    "Jessica, Mom says it's lunch time." It was her 15 year old brother Kyle. 
    "Coming!" Jessica replied. She grabbed her Greek Myths book off her desk and ran downstairs. Jessica liked to read while she ate. She ran down the stairs. She was glad she did because lunch was one of her favorites: mini pizzas. Jessica ate quickly. She wanted to get to her room and avoid any chores her mom would give her. When she was back in her room, she continued reading. Just so it didn't get boring, she spun around in her chair. She stopped in front of her window. She saw someone walking slowly down the street. This wasn't unusual, but he seemed suspicious. The way his hood was down, The way he kept his face out of sight, was he looking at Jessica's house? Jessica decided she should think of something else. She decided to think about the funny dream she had last night.
    And then Jar Jar Binks fell off the dirt bike and everyone was trapped in the giant chocolate egg...
She stopped thinking about  the dream because the weird guy was gone. She then continued to read her book. She kicked her feet under her desk but she stopped when she heard a click noise. What was that? She peeked under the desk. Just old papers, junk, and the pen cap she had lost last week. She finally decided that the click was the soda can in her metal mesh wastebasket. It wasn't until bedtime that she noticed something blue glowing behind her dresser.

To be continued!

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