Thursday, July 30, 2009

Girls' Night Out

A couple of weeks ago, Kaity and I had the unique opportunity to spend the evening together, just the two of us! Not having a lot of money, I told Kaity I wanted to do something special together but we had a budget. We could go out to a restaurant and that would be all we could do. We could eat fast food and maybe go to the $5 Christian Book Store. Or we could eat at home and then go do ... something else. As I threw ideas out to her, nothing appealed until I got to, "Hey, we could get your ears pierced!" She was really excited about that! We ate dinner at home then went to Wally World to get the ear piercing done.

The lady who did the piercing was on her own that night, and fairly reluctant to do it by herself since that meant doing one ear at a time. Kaity and I convinced her to do it anyway! And Kaity was a real trooper. She never even teared up! She is thrilled over her new earrings -- they're her October birthstone.

A peach shake from Chick-Fil-A sure helped ease the sting from the ear piercing!

This was on the following Sunday. Kaity wondered if people would have a hard time recognizing her since she had new earrings, "curly" hair, and a dress she hadn't worn in a while. How cute is that?

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