Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt

Easter weekend, we had a different kind of hunt than most people probably had. Jeff and I organized a scavenger hunt for our college people! We met in downtown Commerce at Wingslingers, had dinner, then divided everyone into 4 teams. We had done a hunt last year, and we knew that everyone had been thinking of ways to get around the rules they remembered from last year. Naturally, we're no match for a group of bright minds like that ... so, we changed the contest completely! They had to find a picture of a word for every letter of the alphabet (except ex- counted for 'x', but they got a bonus for an actual 'x' word.) We wouldn't let them use books, magazines, or internet, and all pictures had to be taken from inside the car. In alphabetical order. With the same digital camera. We closed up every loophole we could think of! Maybe we were a match after all. :)

In addition to the letters, they had 10 possible bonus items to get. They got pretty creative -- which worked well since there was a creativity bonus, too.

Yes, that is an empty toilet paper roll. In the Wal-Mart bathroom. Blech.

Of course an older model Volkswagen was one of the bonus items -- Jeff was involved!

First prize was Chick-Fil-A gift cards, Second was gift cards to the local Christian book store, Third was a package of Oreos. And after the hunt was over, we had an ice cream sundae bar set up on the dining room table. I guess that means everyone won!

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