Friday, March 28, 2008


Tuesday, we went on a field trip to the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts. It was just our family and two other families that went, but we had a lot of fun! We went to a puppet workshop before the performance and made our own stork puppets. After that we ate our bag lunches in a little lunch room downstairs. The performance of "Aesop's Fables" was really interesting and interactive. Two people manipulated and gave voice to all the puppets in the show. They were dressed in black against a black background, so that they were in sight throughout the show, but not distracting. The kids really enjoyed it and have been puppet-crazy ever since! We'll definitely try to plan another trip in the future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeni~this is Kristi (used to live in Lincolnton) Your kids are adorable! I found your blog on Jenn's site. :) How old is your daughter. I might have to get my daughter that book she read about the horses! I really enjoyed reading all your posts!!!!!!! Have a great day and keep on being a great mom! ;) My space hasn't been updated in FOREVER, but you can stop by anyway, if you want. :P

jeni said...

Hey, Kristi! I'm so glad to hear from you. I'd love to see how y'all are doing, but I couldn't sign in to the site. My e-mail address is -- send me a line!

And thank you for your encouragement. I love being a wife and mom and the blog is a great, fun way to keep the memories fresh.