Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Digital Camera

Jeff's work rewards him with "Safety Points" which he can use on-line to "purchase" various items. Previously, there was a catalog to order from that contained cheap watches and useless gadgets. Apparently they've updated since going on-line! Earlier in the fall, we went shopping and among other things, got a nice Canon digital camera. I finally used up all my film for our other camera and have started using our new digital! Following are just random images from us playing around with our new toy.

This is Kaity talking on the phone to Grammie. Kaity takes after me in that when she's on the phone she is constantly moving. (Just not in this picture!)

Me in the hat I wore in last year's 1940's era Christmas pageant. It was on loan from a local antique store but Jeff went and bought it to give to me for Christmas. The picture was taken last week sometime.

Joseph being a pretty little boy. He's completely charming!

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