Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fall Festival

This year's fall festival was a "Wild West Fall Fest". Our Sunday School class was in charge of having a haystack for the kids. We piled up a few bales of hay, then tossed in candy and toys. I think it was a big hit! Even the children's minister, Greg, belly-flopped into the haystack. Jeff got his bug running and brought it to have for the "Trunk or Treat". We handed out candy from the trunk in the front. Greg kept threatening to fill the car up with the hay after the festival was over.

As you can see, Kaity, Joe and I dressed as scarecrows. The chicken in the pictures is one of our friends from the SS class, Rachel. She's hugging our friend Kelli, the pirate. I ran out of film so I didn't get good pictures of everyone, but they're in the background!

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