Friday, September 21, 2007

Doggone It!

So, last week we went to Todd and Chrissy's house and got to see puppies! The Cospers breed German Shepherds and the puppies are too cute! You check out Todd's website at Of course, my little ones were fascinated with the dogs. Now Joe has been pretending to be a puppy ever since. He crawls around on his hands and knees and makes whimpering noises, while biting his bottom lip. When he absolutely has to speak, he'll talk in a high-pitched sing-song tone. Katie decided that Joe was her pet puppy, so she made a few toys for him. She cut out shapes, one front and one back, then stapled them together and stuffed them with cotton balls. She made a bone, a food bowl, a leash and "puppy chow".

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Laura said...

I'll definitely have to check out that website! We've just begun breeding German Shepherds! We think our female, Sammie, has conceived, but we'll have to wait a few weeks to see for sure! Our male just turned a year old, and he's still a bit clumsy! :-) I'm like a little kid...I'm so excited!