Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Imagine It!

Instead of having a party to celebrate Joe's birthday, this year we went to the Children's Museum of Atlanta. It was wonderful! There was so much for the children to see and do. There was a huge section of levers, pulleys, wheels, and contraptions of all kinds. The children could make the machines perform different ways in order to transfer hundreds of hollow plastic balls from one place to another. Another area had all kinds of food-related stuff -- a plush "garden" area, animal puppets, and a grocery truck along will every kind of (toy) food imaginable! There was a water play area where the children could pick out rain coats to wear while they played. (Joe got soaked, anyway, of course.) This was Joe's favorite spot. Katie's favorite was where they got to choose smocks and then paint on a wall. The wall is plexiglass so when the kids are done it get's "squeegied" clean for the next group of kids.

Every 3-6 months, the theme of the museum changes, and unfortunately this session was Sesame Street. Joe's never seen it, and Katie only a couple of times several years ago. I think if they were familiar with the show they would have really flipped for the setup there. Joe liked talking on the phone to the characters. He liked Zoe, Elmo and Cookie Monster (no surprise!). All in all, a very cool place and both kids had a fabulous time!

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