Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You Asked For It! More Stories

Being a big sister must be tough! This morning I found a note Katie had just written to Joseph, after she had reached her limit of patience (15 seconds!).
Dear Joe,
I am not Helping you with your silly Puzzle any more


to Joe
from Katie

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, so I sent the kids outside to play while I cleaned house. (It's so much easier when they're not destroying everything right behind me!) I had the doors and windows open and could hear them playing. At one point I just had to go outside -- I heard Katie yelling, "Help! Somebody rescue me!" from the top of the slide. She was trying to get Joe to help her, but he was busy attempting to ride Katie's bike. I called, "Sir! You with the bike! My little girl is trapped -- can you save her?" Joseph's little face lit up, and mouth open, he ran to rescue Katie. Katie climbed down with Joe's "help" and ran to me, hugging me. To Joe, I said, "Thank you so much, sir, for saving my little girl!" He grinned and ran for the slide so he could take his turn. Obliging, I yelled to Katie, "Oh, ma'am! My little boy is trapped!" etcetera, and we went through the routine again. My children are hilarious!

What an amazing privilege it is to be able to enjoy these moments with our kids! I am so blessed to be able to stay home with Kaitlyn and Joseph. I wouldn't trade a moment.

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Anonymous said...

They are so creative! I love that you posted Katie's note to Joe. How funny! Hope to see you soon!