Thursday, December 14, 2006

Poor Little Joe

Saturday morning Jeff rode with a friend to the high school state playoffs. The local team, Commerce, was playing Jeff's old school, Lincoln County, and Jeff was determined to go see the Red Devils win. (He wasn't disappointed!) I hated having to call him to tell him I was on the way to the emergency room with his son. Saturday afternoon Joseph was playing in his room and hit his head on the toy box, cutting himself above the right eye. (Just to the left of where he cut himself last time on the coffee table.) When I had him in the bathroom mopping up, assessing damage, Joe was fascinated with his reflection in the mirror. "My boo-boo!" he kept saying with a big grin. My friend Chrissy came and took Katie home with her and I took Joe on to the emergency room at the local hospital. Seven stitches were required to close up the cut and Joe and I both cried our way through the process. Fortunately we found a size three toddler football uniform, complete with pads and helmet, on e-Bay so we shouldn't have any more injuries.

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Leah said...

Inevitably, the Phillips family has rubbed off on the Pittard family--Little Joe has caught my brothers' propensity for emergency room visits! I cannot tell you how many stitches they have had, though Andrew jokes that his body is 40% covered in scars...hopefully the football uniform will help...some!