Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What's Happening?

We have definitely been busy lately! Last Thursday was Ladies' Night Out, which is put together by our church. Held at the Commerce Civic Center, the program this year featured Iris Blue, a lady with an amazing testimony. Out of that night there were 12 salvations and 42 women who rededicated their lives to following Christ. A few weeks ago, I started a Beth Moore Bible study on David, in addition to an evangelism class on Monday nights and teaching Sunday School. Katie is taking a kids' version of Beth's study on the beloved disciple, John, and doing children's choir. She is in my Sunday School class this year. Jeff has started attending a new men's Sunday School class that he is really enjoying. He continues to sing his wonderful bass in choir and to play his saxophone during Sunday services. We're both excited about the Christmas musical our church is doing this year which has a 1940's theme. Joseph is loving his AWANA class on Wednesday nights, called AWANA Bees. He treasures the little art projects they do there and in Sunday School. He points to his name written on the back and says, "My 'Joe'!"

Labor Day weekend we drove down to Granny and Papa's, which is always lots of fun. (It was made much more enjoyable by the addition to our family of a minivan, I can assure you. There simply cannot be a price set on separating small children on a five-hour drive!) We had a nice long visit with Granny and Papa and assorted family. We got to play games and drive "Scooter" down to the river, which thrilled Katie. Jeff always packs work clothes along in the hopes that Papa will have a project that needs doing -- he wasn't disappointed!

Last weekend, we went to our nephew Joel's fifth birthday party at Chick-Fil-A. We had a great time spending the day with the Pittard clan, despite the fact that the children are rapidly outnumbering the adults!

Stuart called me yesterday and let me know that he and Virginia and Ralston have settled in nicely in Charleston. Ginny graduated in the spring with her PhD and has gotten a job there. Last week, they got a marriage license and they'll be getting married either this weekend or next. So, that's what's new with us -- whew!

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