Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Anniversary Trip

Jeff and I celebrated 8 great years together yesterday -- well, 6 great ones, and 2 that were so-so. Just kidding! Of course they've all been wonderful! We met my parents halfway Friday night and they kept the children while were away for the weekend. Saturday morning we drove up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We took our time, and had a picnic lunch at one of the overlooks on the scenic route through the Smoky Mountains. We stayed the night at a bed and breakfast at the top of a mountain. That was fabulous! The owners, Bob and Shirley Price are Christians and in addition to being a professional chef, Shirley also has every Grace Livingston Hill book ever published! Her husband is a huge Agatha Christie fan, so they have all her books and plays, too. I wanted to stay another night just to look at the books. :) Jeff and I absolutely loved the porch swing on the balcony. We had a gorgeous view of the Smoky Mountains. For breakfast, we had strawberry soup, blueberry-pecan french toast, sausage, and creme brulee. Wow! We drove back through North Carolina and met Mom and Berk in Greenwood, SC to reclaim our children. The kids had a blast and I think Mom and Berk will recover soon.

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